Stakeholder Forum regularly produces podcasts from the many international UN and other multi-stakeholder conferences which it attends, hosting round table debates as well as catching up with people in corridors. To listen in to our latest podcasts, simply browse through the articles listed below.

Podcasts from the CIF 2011 Partnership Forum, Cape Town, South Africa

The Climate Investment Funds (CIF) 2011 Partnership Forum is a chance for CIF stakeholders – including representatives of governments, civil society, indigenous peoples, local communities, the private sector, and others – to share lessons on where the CIF has been most effective and how these financial instruments can be expanded or improved. In order to inform engage stakeholders at the CIF 2011 Partnership Forum, and reach those unable to attend the conference, Stakeholder Forum produced the multi-stakeholder magazine Outreach, and also hosted a series of multi-stakeholder radio roundtable discussions tackling the big questions around the CIF and its programme areas. Podcasts are available below.

Podcasts from the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) 2010 Partnership Forum, Manila


The CIF Partnership Forum provided one of the first opportunities for stakeholders, including NGOs, private sector representatives and Indigenous Peoples, to inform the design of the CIF. In order to capture some of the debates, discussions and perspectives, Stakeholder Forum hosted a series of small roundtable discussions tackling the big questions surrounding each of the programme areas.

Live at the CSD Radio and Podcasts


Together with the BBC World Service Trust and UN Radio, Stakeholder Forum is producing a series of radio programmes and podcasts at this year's UN Commission on Sustainable Development in New York (4th - 15th May).

The productions are bringing together a diverse range of civil society representatives, governments, issue experts and practitioners to discuss some of the key issues under negotiation including drought, desertification, agriculture, land and Africa.