Stakeholder Forum – Rio+20 Zero Draft Submission

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The total population of the world has just passed seven billion and is continuing to increase. Everywhere people aspire to higher living standards and higher levels of consumption. There is growing concern about the capacity of the world’s natural resources to provide food, energy and other materials to sustain this growing demand. At the same time the growing scale of human activity is threatening to cause dangerous levels of climate change, increased levels of pollution,destruction of natural habitats and biodiversity.

Invitation to an Ice Coalition/Stakeholder Forum Conference with support from DLA Piper

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The UN Conference on Sustainable Development also referred to as ‘Rio+20’ or the ‘Earth Summit 2012’ will take place in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012, twenty years on from the ground-breaking Rio Earth Summit in 1992. Leaders from all over the world will meet to address some of the most urgent social and environmental challenges of our times.

Conference on Contributions of Forests to a Green Economy

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Every day, around the globe, forests contribute substantially to people’s well-being. For some, forests have a romantic dimension, while others appreciate them for recreational activities or as a source of raw materials. Yet, forests are so much more: they are the earth’s lungs, they regulate the global climate, their soils and trees absorb carbon, and they produce the oxygen we breathe. Forests are also natural water filters and reservoirs, they protect soils and provide habitats for plants and animals. In short, without forests we could not survive.

Sorting out an irresponsible generation…ideas for RIO+20. An interview with Felix Dodds

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In this interview Felix Dodds – Executive Director of Stakeholder Forum and chair of the 64th Annual UN Conference for Non Governmental Organisations (Bonn, Sept 3-5),  speaks about the latest proposals and achievements of civil society towards Rio Plus 20, introduces the Sustainable Development Goals,  and suggests five key challenges ahead of us towards a more sustainable future.



Your Chance to Input to the Bonn2011 Nexus Conference

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As part of the consultation process towards the “Bonn2011 Conference: The Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus – Solutions for a Green Economy”, Stakeholder Forum in collaboration with the Federal Government of Germany invites you to participate in a stakeholders’ survey on the interconnections between water, energy and food security, and the challenges to undertaking a multisectoral approach that guarantees sustainable long-term supply and equitable access to all three resources.

Stakeholder Forum Releases Synthesis Document from ‘Towards Bonn2011 Conference: The Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus - Solutions for the Green Economy’ Workshop at the UN DPI NGO Conference

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Stakeholder Forum has today released a synthesis document from the UN/DPI workshop ‘Towards Bonn 2011 Conference: The Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus - Solutions for the Green Economy’, which formed part of the stakeholder engagement process for the Bonn2011 Nexus Conference, and represented an opportunity for civil society organizations to contribute to the debate around water, energy and food security.