Sustaineo 2030:Learning sustainable development from the future

Thought-provoking “what-if” scenario describes a society founded on concepts of sustainable development

Sustaineo2030 Web-200In the year 2030, one country has translated today’s better-governance efforts into a political and administrative system. The Bertelsmann Stiftung, Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future, the International Institute for Sustainable Development and Novel Futures invite you on a time travel to that year. The new publication “Sustaineo 2030: Learning Sustainable Development from the Future*” will bring you to the fictional country of Sustaineo. As you travel through Sustaineo, you’ll encounter the country’s governance structures and policy instruments, all established with the goal of taking into account the concept of sustainable development.

Only One Earth: The Long Road via Rio to Sustainable Development

One_EarthThis book we hope will enable a broad readership to understand the achievements in the area of environment and development over the past forty years and also what has not been realized. It looks to the challenges that we face forty years from Stockholm 1972, in particular in the areas of economics and governance, and the role of stakeholders. It puts forward a set of suggestions that the international community must address now and in the near future. It reminds us of the planetary boundaries we must all live within and what needs to be addressed in the next twenty years for democracy, equity and fairness to survive. Finally it proposes through the survival agenda a bare minimum of what needs to be done, arguing for a series of absolute minimum policy changes we need to change course on to a more sustainable one.

Pocket Guide to Sustainable Development Governance Second Edition



This guide was jointly initiated by Stakeholder Forum and the Commonwealth Secretariat in response to the perceived ‘knowledge gap’ on the history and dynamics of global governance for sustainable development. A first edition was published in 2011 and this second editionwas updated in February 2012. As the ‘institutional framework for sustainable development’ has been identified as one of the two core themes for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD 2012), it is hoped that this guide will provide necessary background information on global sustainable development governance to allow both governmental and non-governmental stakeholders to familiarise themselves with key issues more comprehensively.

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Insecurity: A Planet in Peril

9781849712194"Biodiversity and Ecosystem Insecurity: A Planet in Peril" has been produced by Stakeholder Forum and edited by Ahmed Djoghlaf and Felix Dodds and includes chapters by:Gusti Muhammad Hatta, Thomas E. Lovejoy, Craig Bennett, Johan Rockstrom, Bob Watson, Achim Steiner, Jan McAlpine and Monique Barbut. The book provides an authoritative and comprehensive assessment of the threats presented to human security and well-being by the loss of ecosystems and biodiversity – recently confirmed as one of the critical 'planetary boundaries' that has already been exceeded.

Climate Change and Energy Insecurity

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Climate Change and Energy Insecurity, examines the interrelatedness of climate and energy production as a security issue.  Edited by Felix Dodds, Richard Sherman and Andrew Highman, the publication hears from leading experts from across science, business, practitioner, and NGO communities to address the global insecurity and development challenges arising from the twin thrust of climate change and the energy supply crunch.