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Discuss the big issues for the Earth Summit 2012

How do we plan a future that nurtures a healthy world alongside the needs of a growing population?

Have your say in the run up to the Earth Summit 2012 by getting involved in the Earth Debates and help shape the future of our planet.

Outreach at the UNCSD 2012 Intersessional



Outreach is a multi-stakeholder magazine which is published daily at UNCSD 2012 preparatory meetings. Capturing stakeholder voices at the first Intersessaional for Rio+20, two editions of Outreach were produced at the conference and also disseminated online to those unable to attend the event. Click here to read the articles.

Outreach from UNFCCC COP-16 in Cancún



In order to capture the many different voices represented at the climate change negotiations, Stakeholder Forum produced Outreach, a multi-stakeholder magazine on environment and sustainable development, from the conference floor of the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties-16 (COP16) in Cancún, Mexico.

As one of the four publications officially recognized by the UNFCCC Secretariat, Outreach acted as a conduit for the multifarious opinions of stakeholders, including regional and local governments, women, indigenous peoples, trade unions, industry, youth and Southern NGOs.

Outreach contributors were diverse and represented an array of voices; from youth groups working to improve Chinese and US environmental relations amongst young people, to the President of the Republic of Nauru on climate impacts across the Pacific, and the opinions of activists such as Sunita Narain. As well as harnessing the opinions of stakeholders, Outreach also allowed space for key thinkers and climate experts to unpack issues of relevance to the negotiations.

Throughout COP16, Outreach was distributed daily as a hard copy magazine to delegates and civil society representatives in the corridors of the conference venue and at the civil society side event venue. Online, Outreach was also distributed as an html email to a range of list serves to reach those unable to attend the conference. Outreach articles could also be accessed online at and continue to be available at this address.

Launch of the Global Environmental Outlook Report (GEO-4)


On 25th October 2007 Stakeholder Forum launched UNEP's flagship publication the GEO 4 in London. The launch attracted a big audience and generated a wide media coverage including The Times, The Independent, the Financial Times, BBC, Channel 4, Al Jazeera, NHK-Japan Broadcasting, Greek national radio and Sky News as well as news agencies such as Reuters and the AP. To find out more about the London launch of the GEO 4 just click below.

Outreach from UNFCCC COP-15 in Copenhagen



In order to capture the many different voices represented at the climate change negotiations, Stakeholder Forum produced our daily publication, Outreach, from the conference floor of the UNFCCC Committee of the Parties-15 in Copenhagen. For a unique insight into the views, recommendations and observations of a wide range of actors, organisations and sectors, have a flick through the 10 editions of Outreach.

Podcasts Live from Stockholm World Water Week



Establishing a temporary radio studio on site, Stakeholder Forum produced a series of audio podcasts to capture some of the key debates, issues and innovations under discussion at Stockholm World Water Week. These broadcasts were brought to you as part of the GPPN, now the Water and Climate Coalition.

GPA Blue Diamonds



GPA Outreach ‘Blue Diamonds’ is a quarterly newsletter aimed at stakeholders involved in and wanting to have an impact on implementation and development of the Global Programme of Action (GPA) for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-Based activities.