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SDG2012 is Stakeholder Forum's programme on Sustainable Development Governance (SDG) towards Rio+20. The programme includes our work as secretariat for the sustainable development network which is managed by the Climate and Sustainability Platform, ANPED and IUCN. Our programme and our work with the network seeks to make a contribution to one of the two main themes identified for Rio+20 - the institutional framework for sustainable development. The programme includes a number of elements:


Thought Leadership

As part of the SDG2012 programme Stakeholder Forum is writing and commissioning a series of think pieces on sustainable development governance. The think pieces will focus on a range of issues, including:

•           The global institutional framework for sustainable development - including the role of the Commission for Sustainable Development, the management of sustainable development across the UN system, the status of sustainable development within ECOSOC, and other issues.

•           Reform of International Environmental Governance - the role of UNEP in advancing the environmental pillar of sustainable development globally, the relationship between environment and trade,

•           Global finance and sustainable development - the mainstreaming of sustainable development into International Finance Institutions (IFIs), the role of IFIs in advancing environmental objectives

•           National, regional and local governance for sustainable development - the role of National Sustainable Development Councils, the role of local governance in advancing sustainable development

•           Civil society - the role of civil society in the governance of sustainable development , in enhancing accountability, in monitoring and in implementing

•           Corporate Accountability for sustainable development - the role of corporate accountability in advancing sustainable development, and the relative merits of voluntary methods vs regulation

•           Compliance and Enforcement - the need for global mechanisms to better ensure compliance to global agreements relating to sustainable development

If you interested in writing on any of these themes, or have any articles or publications that you would like to share with Stakeholder Forum, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Head of Policy and Advocacy, who is managing sdg2012.

Pocket Guide to Sustainable Development Governance Second Edition



This guide was jointly initiated by Stakeholder Forum and the Commonwealth Secretariat in response to the perceived ‘knowledge gap’ on the history and dynamics of global governance for sustainable development. A first edition was published in 2011 and this second editionwas updated in February 2012. As the ‘institutional framework for sustainable development’ has been identified as one of the two core themes for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD 2012), it is hoped that this guide will provide necessary background information on global sustainable development governance to allow both governmental and non-governmental stakeholders to familiarise themselves with key issues more comprehensively.



Latest Think Pieces


Transforming the international Monetary System: A crucial "new and emerging challenge" for the Rio 2012 Earth Summit

By Frans Verhagen

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SDG2012 Network

Stakeholder Forum is inviting a diversity of stakeholders globally who are experts in sustainable development governance to join our sdg2012 network. The network brings together those who have contributed to the think pieces as well as other stakeholders to share and exchange on issues relating to sustainable development governance, and to identify synergies and common positions where relevant.

The network is open to those who have a significant expertise in sustainable development governance, so if you feel you have something to bring to this network, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Based on the think-pieces and the discussions undertaken through the sdg2012 network, Stakeholder Forum will make submissions to the preparatory process for Rio+20, as well as external processes such as the UNEP Consultative Group of Ministers and High Level Representatives on IEG. Stakeholders within the sdg2012 group will be invited to contribute to and endorse these submissions.

Latest submissions

Stakeholder Forum has produced a document to input to the Consultative Group on Environmental Governance. The UNEP Consultative Group of high level representatives and ministers will hold its second meeting in Helsinki, Finland from 21st - 23rd November 2010.

To view Stakeholder Forum's input document click here.

Information and Resources

Sustainable development governance is a complex issue, and its prominence on the agenda for Rio+20 represents a milestone in a historic and evolving process to make institutions and governance structures at all levels fit for purpose. Many stakeholders, and even many government representatives, are not necessarily familiar with the history of the global debate on sustainable development governance, and may not be fully aware of some of the most important developments.

To help stakeholders at all levels to familiarise themselves with this theme, Stakeholder Forum is producing a number of resources that will help to demystify SDG and make in accessible to a broader range of actors. This includes:

Pocket Guide to Sustainable Development Governance 

This guide, published in partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat, provides an overview of the concepts,  proposals, processes and significant milestones on sustainable development governance at the global level. The guide will be launched at the UNEP Governing Council in Nairobi in February, and will be available for free download from this website

SDG Dossier 

SDG Dossier will provide an online clearing-house for all information relating to global SDG and IEG. It will build on and replace Stakeholder Forum's IEG dossier, and will provide regular updates on all relevant developments and events relating to SDG. The dossier will include a dedicated list-serve where stakeholders can subscribe for regular updates.