Ask your MP to attend a parliamentary debate on Rio+20

On Tuesday 28th February, a debate on Rio+20 motioned by the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) will take place from 19:00 in the House of Commons.

This will involve MPs from a wide range of parties and constituencies putting questions to the government on the wide range of issues on the table at Rio+20 and how they are directly relate to UK policies and interests around sustainable development.

What we are asking from you, therefore, is to contact your MP urging them to take part in the debate and suggest any key issues or questions you would like to see them raise. Please also ensure you include the briefing note/a hyperlink to the briefing note we have created in your email. The briefing note will also give you a good idea about some of the key things you might want your MP to ask questions on.

Should you wish, members of the public will be able watch the debate from the public gallery. You do not need an official invitation, simply arrive at the Cromwell Green visitor entrance and head to the Central Lobby where they will be escorted to the gallery. More information is available here:

This is a really excellent opportunity to raise both public and government awareness around Rio+20 and the issues which you think are most important to both the UK and the wider world, as well as putting pressure on David Cameron to attend the conference itself, so your help in getting as many MPs to attend is crucial!


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