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Stakeholder Forum plays a unique role in advancing sustainable development by promoting and supporting the active involvement of stakeholders in decision-making processes. Without Stakeholder Forum, stakeholder engagement in the UN would not be so effective. Support Stakeholder Forum today and help us to promote a more sustainable future for all.

Financially supporting Stakeholder Forum ensures our continuing ability to advance sustainable development and be a force for change at both the national and international levels.

To support Stakeholder Forum please make a donation via Paypal or send a cheque made out to Stakeholder Forum to Unit 60, Eurolink
Business Centre, 49 Effra Rd., London SW2 1BZ. If you would like to pay by bank transfer please phone the office for information of the bank details on  44 (0) 20 7733 9696

To find out more about supporting Stakeholder Forum, please email: [email protected]

The current membership payment form can be found here.

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