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Annual Reports

Stakeholder Forum’s annual reports provide a comprehensive summary of our key activities, achievements and strategy across the programme of work for the preceeding year. 

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Book Launch Photos

BOOK LAUNCH: Climate Change and Energy Insecurity Felix Dodds Michael Dorsey Key Contributors Post-launch drinks


UN High Level Event on the Millennium Development Goals (a)

Stakeholder Forum was supported by the UK Department for International Development to conduct a global stakeholder consultation on the 7th Millennium Development Goal (MDG7) for the High Level Event on the MDGs in September...


Earth Summit 2012(a)

Stakeholder Forum has played a critical role in advocating for an Earth Summit in 2012, which has now been approved by the UN General Assembly. Stakeholder Forum will continue to play a key co-ordinating...


Earth Summit 2012

Stakeholder Forum played a critical role in advocating for an Earth Summit in 2012, which took place in June 2012. Stakeholder Forum played a key co-ordinating role in at the crucial policy event.


The Stakeholder Empowerment Project

Funded by the Ford Foundation, this eighteen month research project set out to review and identify a set of good practices and common terminology for engaging global stakeholders across the UN system.