‘Climate Change and Energy Insecurity’ Launched

On 4th December we will be launching our new book ‘Climate Change and Energy Insecurity’ at the BT Centre in London.

The race to mitigate climate change is not just about preserving the environment, it is also about security. The security in knowing that our homes are safe, that we have enough food to eat, and that our water is drinkable. The security in knowing that crops will grow, and that there will be fish in the sea. Our climate is changing more than just the weather; it is changing the way we live…

Launched on the eve of the Copenhagen climate change negotiations this timely publication tackles the big questions: How are we going to clean up this mess? What kind of international agreement can realistically be achieved? What kind of frameworks actually work? What if no deal is struck in Copenhagen?

Contributors include: Nicholas Stern (London School of Economics); Achim Steiner (UNEP); Stavros Dimas (European Commission); Steve Howard (The Climate Group); Andrew Simms (New Economics Foundation)… and many more.

Please join us for the book launch on 4th December at the BT Centre in London to meet the authors and find out about the latest thinking on the peace and security implications of climate change. To find out more please email Beth Harrison [email protected] (0207 580 6912).

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