Live at the CSD Radio and Podcasts


Together with the BBC World Service Trust and UN Radio, Stakeholder Forum is producing a series of radio programmes and podcasts at this year’s UN Commission on Sustainable Development in New York (4th – 15th May).

The productions are bringing together a diverse range of civil society representatives, governments, issue experts and practitioners to discuss some of the key issues under negotiation including drought, desertification, agriculture, land and Africa.

Today at the CSD

What was under discussion in the plenary? What was the word around the corridors of the UN? Each day, our team of world journalists brought you a daily show full of features, analysis, interviews and news. Check out the shows here.

Earth Talk

Each morning, the team caught up with some of the key issues under negotiation. Click here to listen to the top priorities from key players who attended the commission.

Green Tables

In this series of roundtable discussions, we tackled some major issues and engaged in some very lively debate. Along the way, we heard from civil society, government representatives and issue experts to better understand varying perspectives on some very provocative topics. Click here to listen to the debates.

Pioneers of the Planet

Fighting for the planet isn’t an easy, lucrative or always rewarding career path. However, here at the CSD we have come across some inspiring individuals who continue to battle for a more sustainable and equitable tomorrow against all the odds. From grassroots activists and fearless lobbyists, to scientists and policy-heads, to academics and researchers, please come meet some of our selected ‘pioneers of the planet’ who will share their experiences, their motivations and their hopes… Listen in here.

CSD Highlight Reel

Looking for some great features? In this special episode, we take you through two weeks of highlights, “Live from the CSD!” Check it out!

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