Earth Summit update

Over 200 people from governments, UN Agencies and Programmes and stakeholders attended the UN NGLS and Stakeholder Forum conference ‘New Foundations for the Future: Looking ahead to Earth Summit 2012’, on May 15th. By all accounts it set the tone and created formidable intellectual input to the first preparatory meeting for RiO+20 which started on the 17th of May. Many of the key ideas from the conference found their way into the chairs text, which can be found here ( ).


Stakeholder Forum working with Frank Melli Productions and former CNN Environment Correspondent, Barbara Pyle, filmed the May 15th Conference and interviews with Ministers and top UN Officials as well as key stakeholder leaders. The documentary this will be available for  free in July – so watch this space. We hope stakeholders will try and get it aired on their TV Channels but also use it as a primer for their 2012 work.

Stakeholder Forum also held a meeting of its International Advisory Board and welcomed a number of new organizations to it. These included Earth Charter International, Consumers International, CEIL, Climate and Sustainability Platform and the Climate Group.  A copy of the minutes from that meeting will  be posted on the SF web site by the end of June.

During the preparatory meeting Stakeholder Forum with SDIN produced a reduced number of daily issues of Outreach which can be downloaded here.


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