Earth Debates 4: How do we feed 9 billion people in 2050?

ED4logoDate: 11 April 2012
: 1930 GMT
Location: Natural History Museum, London

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As world population rises we are facing increasing challenges to find suitable land and harness enough water to produce more food. How do we meet the challenge of feeding a growing world population with a sustainable and secure supply of food?

While the actual growth figures are subject to debate, there is little dispute that the projected increase in human population size, combined with the uneven distribution of resources, will put unprecedented pressure on sustainable development.

The risks of applying grand ‘conventional’ thinking to the problem are also emerging, such as the loss of essential natural services when large areas of land are farmed for single crops.

What are the options for finding a balance between the demands of a growing population and maintaining an environment that can provide the essential services, food, water and raw materials for a sustainable future?

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