From Words to Action: Towards a Strong Follow up to the High Level Panel on System-wide Coherence


A Strengthened UNEP and UN System on Environment: Compilation of Civil Society Responses to the Report of the High Level Panel on System Wide Coherence Updated, 18 April 2007

On 9 November 2006, the High Level Panel on UN System-wide Coherence in areas of Development, Humanitarian Assistance, Environment released its report Delivering As One.  In July 2006, Stakeholder Forum (SF), the Brazilian Forum of NGOs and Social Movements for Environment and Development (FBOMS) and the UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN NGLS) organized the only civil society discussion with the Panel on sustainable development.  Building on this work, the coalition, together with ANPED– Northern Alliance for Sustainability, initiated a Call for Input on 9 November 2006 to gather submissions from civil society. 

The aim of the Call for Input is to develop a civil society response to the Panel’s recommendations in the area of environment and sustainable development, for consideration by UN Member States and other actors. 

Civil Society Views: Compilation Documents

These papers compile a range of civil society views in relation to the High Level Panel’s recommendations on environment and sustainable development. 


To date, we have received a number of submissions from organizations all over the world.  We would like to thank those organizations who have sent in their inputs.  We would also like to encourage other organizations that have not yet submitted inputs to please do so.  The Panel’s report and the upcoming discussions of the recommendations in the General Assembly provide a crucial focal point for civil society to focus its push for much needed reform of the UN’s environment and sustainable development architecture.

High Level Panel Consultations with Civil Society on gender, human rights and Sustainable Development, July 2006

Call for Input Background Documents

Promoting Dialogue

In addition to collecting civil society views, Stakeholder Forum, FBOMS, ANPED, and UN NGLS are also organising a series of events to promote dialogue between civil society and decision-makers on the High Level Panel Recommendations.

New York, 3 May 2007: On 3 May, 2007 more than 25 representatives of civil society and the private sector met with representatives of the French government in New York to discuss the reform of international environmental governance (IEG) and, in particular, the idea of transforming the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) into a United Nations Environment Organisation (UNEO). The meeting provided participants with an update on developments in IEG reform, as well as an opportunity to discuss possible models for engaging stakeholders in a UNEO.
Full Report 

New York, 1 May 2007: On Tuesday 1 May 2007 a dialogue was held on the subject of sustainable development in the context of UN reform. The discussion, endorsed by six former Chairs of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD), emphasised the need for a process of reflection on sustainable development governance and the role of the CSD in particular.
Full Report

New York, 28 February 2007:  On 28 February 2007, Stakeholder Forum (SF), the Brazilian Forum of NGOs and Social Movements for Environment and Development (FBOMS), ANPED—Northern Alliance for Sustainability, and the UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN NGLS) hosted a workshop on UN system-wide coherence at UN Headquarters in New York.  The meeting was a free and frank exchange of views between government and civil society representatives in their personal capacity on the issue of international environmental governance (IEG) in the context of UN reform.
Full Report

Nairobi, February 2007: Two meetings of stakeholders were held to formulate an input on Reform of International Environmental Governance to the 24th session of the UNEP Governing Council/Global Environment Ministers Forum. 

Background Information on the High Level Panel on System-wide Coherence


Stakeholder Forum, FBOMS, ANPED, and UN NGLS would like to thank the following contributors for their support:

  • Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway
  • Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, The Federal Republic of Germany
  • Ministry of Housing Spatial Planning and the Environment, Directorate International Affairs, The Netherlands
  • Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands
  • The United Nations Foundation
  • Belgium Federal State Secretary for Sustainable Development
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France


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