Global Transition 2012

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Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future, nef (the New Economics Foundation) and New Economics Institute worked in partnership to catalyse the Global Transition 2012 initiative.

The initiative aimed to catalyse a ‘Global Transition’ by building a community of civil society organisations across the globe to promote and deliver a rapid shift to an alternative global economy that maximises well-being, operates within environmental limits and is capable of coping and adapting to global environmental change.

Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future, nef (the new economics foundation) and New Economics Institute worked with partners such as the Green Economy Coalition and Bioregional to produce a series of ‘Challenge Papers’ to develop a clear perspective on emerging green economy priority areas and feed into the Rio+20 process; and coordinated a series of stakeholder dialogues to bring together leading new economic thinkers and practitioners who are pioneering the transition to a green and fair economy.

Why do we need a Global Transition?

The path we are currently on is unsustainable. But, putting the brakes on consumption will, in the current economic system, trigger further unemployment, injustice, and a major decline in human wellbeing. Hence, the tremendous appeal of business as usual and the unwillingness to address the huge systemic problems we face.

We are convinced that there is an alternative. This alternative is not just necessary, but both desirable and possible. It means moving to a new economy that delivers well-being and social justice for all without stretching the Earth’s resources beyond breaking point. This requires a Global Transition.

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