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Governance and sustainable development are intimately tied together. The future role and architecture of institutions, from local to international levels, will be crucial determinants of whether policies and programmes for sustainable development will succeed. The following papers and resources outline a range of viewpoints: Current problems with institutional architecture; Options for alternative frameworks; Recommendations for future debate. Click on the papers below to read more.


Discussion Paper 1: International Governance for Sustainable Development and Rio+20: Initial Perspectives


This paper overviews the commitments that governments have made to sustainable development governance and makes some suggestions on the way forward for Rio+20. It updates a paper that Stakeholder Forum produced in 2007.



Options for Strengthening the Environment Pillar of Sustainable Development: Compilation of Civil Society Proposals on the Institutional Framework for the United Nationals’ Environmental Activities (2007)

169_paper_final_versionCivil Society views on the GA Co-Chairs Options Paper on the informal consultation process on the Institutional Framework for UN Environmental Activities. Presented to the GA informal session in September 2007 for the partnership of Stakeholder Forum, FBOMS, ANPED and UN NGLS.

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UNEO: A Champion for environment in the 21st Century, but what role for Stakeholders?


A multi-stakeholder conversation co-organized by the United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (NGLS), Stakeholder Forum and ANPED

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Stakeholder Forum Report: Strengthening the Johannesburg Implementation Track


Considerations for Enhancing the Commission on Sustainable Development’s Multi-Year Programme of Work (2006)

A report from Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future with support from:

    Austria Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Environment
    Written by Richard Sherman, Jennifer Peer, Felix Dodds and Maria Figuera Küpcü

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Sustainable Development in the context of UN Reform


On Tuesday 1 May 2007 a dialogue was held on the subject of sustainable development in the context of UN reform. The discussion, endorsed by six former Chairs of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD), emphasised the need for a process of reflection on sustainable development governance and the role of the CSD in particular.


The UN System and Sustainable Development: Proposals for a Sustainable Development Institutional Initiative


This Stakeholder Forum paper explores how to address the current challenges related to international governance for sustainable development governance. The paper notes that while paragraph 157 of the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation provides a clear mandate for governments to keep the UN’s sustainable development institutions under review, this is not occurring.

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From Words to Action: Towards a Strong Follow up to the High Level Panel on System-wide Coherence


A Strengthened UNEP and UN System on Environment: Compilation of Civil Society Responses to the Report of the High Level Panel on System Wide Coherence Updated, 18 April 2007

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Workshop on UN System-wide Coherence, 28 February 2007, UN Headquarters, New York


On 28 February 2007, Stakeholder Forum (SF), the Brazilian Forum of NGOs and Social Movements for Environment and Development (FBOMS), ANPED—Northern Alliance for Sustainability, and the UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN NGLS) hosted a workshop on UN system-wide coherence at UN Headquarters in New York


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Priorities for ‘Energy Cycle’: Summary of the Possible Policy Approaches Identified in the Second Cycle Regional Implementation Meetings (2006)


A Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future Report by Richard Sherman with support from Austria Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of the Environment.

Written by Richard Sherman

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Reflections on World Summit 2005

FinalReportonWorldSummitby Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future

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UNEP: Changing Times (2005)


Stakeholder Forum produced a report of the history of UNEP and the challenges it has faced

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UNEP Workshop Form to Follow Function


A report from the workshop held at UNEP based on the report produced by Stakeholder Forum: Reform of UNEP Form to Follow Function.


UNEP 8th Special Session Global Ministerial Environment Forum – Reform of UNEP – Form to Follow Function


The report looks at the post Johannesburg Summit situations in relation to reform of UNEP and makes some suggestions of how to move forward on international environmental governance


UNEP Bali Strategic Plan for Technology Support and Capacity Building


Stakeholder Forum report and recommendations for the UNEP Bali Strategic Plan of Implementation


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