Global Transition 2012

On Monday 5th September Stakeholder Forum, in collaboration with the new economics foundation (nef) and the New Economics Institute, introduced the Global Transition 2012 initiative to the 64th Annual UN DPI NGO conference.  Click here to find out how civil society is building the Global Transition.

gt2012flyerThe UN DPI conference, chaired by Stakeholder Forum’s Executive Director – Felix Dodds – adopted the civil society Declaration that will be formally submitted to the Rio Earth Summit 2012 ‘zero-draft’ text.  Participating non-governmental and civil society organisations from across the Globe gathered in Bonn to prepare the Declaration and after a series of workshops, open seminars and meetings the conference produced and agreed to the ‘Sustainable Societies: Responsive Citizens’ document.

Stakeholder Forum, nef and the New Economics Institute presented the Global Transition 2012 initiative to conference participants at a side event and outlined the core aims and objectives and how it is creating a platform for new economic thinking to be voiced, debated and discussed. The vision of the Global Transition is to develop a green economy that maximises wellbeing, operates with environmental limits, and is capable of adapting to global environmental change.  It is doing this through:

– Commissioning challenge papers on a diverse range of issues critical to the global transition.


– Promoting discussion and dialogue with a diverse range of actors around issues and proposals outlined in the challenge papers, including two dialogues in New York.


– Developing policy proposals towards Earth Summit 2012 and beyond based on broad dialogue and discussion. Outlining clear policy goals, including a roadmap on what needs to happen when.


– Developing toolkits to help governmental and non-governmental actors achieve the global transition; creating a civil society accountability tool post Rio


– Advanced web-based presence, including interactive maps and online tools, short films, blogs & social media


– Providing a platform for information-sharing and knowledge exchange, for initiatives and activities to be shared.

Building the Global Transition

The 64th UN DPI civil society Declaration puts an emphasis on many aspects of the Green Economy that are being explored and developed by the Global Transition 2012 initiative.   Paragraphs in the Declaration refer to sustainable development as ‘a means to ensuring human well-being’ as well as a call for replacing the ‘current inefficient, unsustainable and inequitable economic model with economic policies that advance rather than detract from sustainable development goals’, and an acknowledgement that a ‘just transition to green economies’ will create green jobs and ‘replace or supplement GDP and other traditional economic metrics with broader indicators.’

All of these areas outlined in the Declaration, as well as topics such as the Blue Economy, Valuing Ecosystems Services and Natural Capital and Green Skills and Jobs are being explored in depth in the Challenge Papers, which will form the foundation of a Global Dialogue in New York – hosted at the New Economics Institute – on 13th October 2011.

The website is still in development, but you can stay in touch via:



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