Linking the Review and Policy Sessions

paper-6In September 2005, Stakeholder Forum hosted a workshop in New York to discuss the Comission on Sustainable Development (CSD) process and to develop recommendations on how the CSD could be strengthened in its ability to deliver concrete outcomes on the key issues of Sustainable Development.

“Would the momentum created at CSD 12 be carried over to CSD 13? And would CSD 13 pick up where 12 had left, on a rather upbeat note?”(Major Group Comment) This background paper by Richard Sherman provides an overview of the core elements of the CSD-11 decision on the CSD’s future organisation of work and the multi-year programme of work, outlines the problems and offers possible solutions for a more coherent linkages between the CSD review and policy sessions. It also contains several tables in an Annex which highlight a possible framework for structuring the CSD Review and Policy Year outcomes.


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