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In partnership with the BBC World Service Trust and UN Radio, Stakeholder Forum pioneered a new media/capacity building project whereby a team of journalists from developing countries were supported to attend the UN Commission on Sustainable Development. Over the two week Commission they produced over 30 hours of high-quality radio programmes on all aspects of agriculture, land, drought and desertification.


One of the biggest challenges that all UN forums confront is the need to make the policy-issues under negotiation as accessible as possible to global audiences.

Working in close collaboration with the BBC World Service Trust, Stakeholder Forum identified a team of journalists from developing countries to attend the UN Commission on Sustainable Development-16 in New York (2009). Mentored by the BBC Environment Correspondent, Richard Black, the team were provided with an intensive training on all aspects of radio production and the policy issues under discussion at the CSD-16 including water, agriculture, land, and rural development.


Recording each day in the UN-Radio studios, the team produced two-hours of radio programmes each day throughout the two-week meeting. These programmes spanned a range of formats including roundtable discussions, one-on-one interviews, features and vox-pops around the corridors. The team tackled the big issues, targeted the key players and produced a series of high quality radio programmes that were broadcast on local radio and online stations around the world and across our stakeholder networks.  Check out the project mini-site to find out more or click here for Radio and Podcasts from the CSD.

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