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Corporate sustainability reporting: A way forward in implementing sustainable development

In this second week of informal-informal negotiations on the Zero Draft of the Outcome Document we have been closely following the developments of paragraph 24, calling for a global framework on corporate sustainability reporting, writes Jeannet Lingan, Stakeholder ForumMore


The role of accountants in the shift to a green economy

In order for the transition to a green economy to be successful, significant changes in the way the economy and society operates need to take place, writes Gordon Hewitt, ACCA. This includes changing the metrics used to measure the success and progress of economies and businesses; reforming financial systems to encourage green growth; greening of economic sectors; and investing in the skills required to operate under this new economic paradigm… More


Rio+20: Co-creating the Sustainable Development Goals

When delegates gather at Rio+20, they will do so during the most serious economic crisis the world has faced since the Great Depression and at a time when the world’s political leaders are consumed by the daily demand for job creation and economic growth, writes Jonathan Tench, UnileverMore


Context: The seeds of sustainability

The ideal place to sow the seeds of a sustainable city would be a greenfield site where everything is clean, new and simple, writes Mario Henrique Lima, Axia Sustentabilidade Brazil. But soon, over half of humanity will be living in crowded, fast-growing mega-cities. So, starting afresh is not an option: the challenge is to transform what is already here. Addressing the complexity of human interactions and finding dynamic systems to resolve this challenge in fragile urban infrastructure settings, is the mind-set of Rio Sustainable City (RCS)… More


Access to remedies and redress: time for the UN to step in

There are several key features missing from the current intergovernmental framework for corporate accountability, writes Bart Slob, Ethics at Work. These include: More

What kind of an impact will Impact Investing have?

On Thursday 26th and Friday 27th April the US State Department hosted the Global Impact Economy Forum, which brought together over 250 business and finance leaders who are working to develop and deploy ‘cutting-edge business and financial models that generate financial returns and positive social and environmental change,’ writes Kirsty Schneeberger, Stakeholder ForumMore

Carbon-based monetary governance:Linchpin for an integrated sustainable development framework?

The world over, millions of people are demonstrating against the gross inequality that characterises the global economy, and are demanding an overhaul of the financial and commercial systems, writes Frans C. Verhagen, Sustainability Sociologist. It is vital that government, business and civil society leaders in the Rio+20 process respond to this demand for fundamental and transformational change in the world’s global systems which, unlike physical systems, are human made and, consequently, can be changed… More

Date with History

Throughout history, young people have driven change, often standing up for what’s right in direct opposition to established norms, writes Kelly Rigg, Global Campaign for Climate Action. From organised struggles for democracy and civil liberties, to peaceful protests calling for new economic ideals, youth voices have transformed the socio-political landscape of the 21st century. Now, with the future of life on Earth at stake, the ‘Date with History’ contest calls on young people across the world to record and submit short speeches that will urge, inspire, and ultimately move global leaders attending Rio+20 to take decisive action… More

The Natural Capital Declaration – a statement by financial institutions for Rio+20

Being at the top of the corporate food chain, financial institutions (banks, investors, insurers and reinsurers) can have significant indirect impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services through their customers, and direct impacts through their purchasing decisions… More

The Rights of Mother Earth gain momentum in the run up to Rio+20

To mark International Mother Earth Day, the UN General Assembly held an interactive dialogue on ‘Harmony with Nature’ on Wednesday 18th April at the UN Headquarters in New York, to examine how human activity has affected the regenerative capacity of the planet writes Sandy Abrahams, Wild Law UKMore

Profile: Teresa Fogelberg

Name: Teresa Fogelberg
Nationality: Dutch
Country of Residence: The Netherlands

Reflections on the negotiations – Monday, 30th April

Negotiations of Working Group II (Sections I, II, IV) discussed Section 1 (Preamble/Stage Setting), in both the morning and afternoon. The afternoon meeting was adjourned 25 minutes early as the G77 were not prepared to engage in Section IV (IFSD) and needed time to prepare for the 7pm evening session writes Alice Vincent, World Future CouncilMore

Quote of the day

Some have dreams of Rio that reach far into the future. I have a very concrete dream. It is just around the corner: ready to happen – just waiting for some bold Rio negotiators to make it happen. What is that dream? That one year after Rio, all large companies of the world – almost a hundred thousand – will be measuring their impact on sustainable development; and share that knowledge through sustainability reporting.

Teresa Fogelberg, Deputy Chief Executive, GRI

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