Post-Rio to Post-2015 Think Pieces

In preparation for the event ‘Post-Rio to Post-2015:planning stakeholder engagement’ a series of commissioned think pieces have been written to stimulate dialogue on the event’s themes. 

Surveying the ‘green economy’ and ‘green growth’ landscape  
Emily Benson and Oliver Greenfield, Green Economy Coaltion Secretariat

This paper takes a swift journey across the green economy landscape in the post Rio+20 context. Rather than using the outcomes of Rio+20 as its starting point, it uses a wider lens to show the political and economic setting in which a green economy is emerging. Read more

Sustainable Consumption and Production: So what next?
Emily Benson and Oliver Greenfield, Green Economy Coaltion Secretariat

Sustainable consumption and production (SCP) sits at the heart of all debates on sustainable development and a green economy. Here, we summarize what Rio+20 achieved and point to potential follow up activities for stakeholders and governments to ensure implementation.Read more. 

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 
Ed Barry, Director, Sustainable World Initiative

One of the central themes of the SDGs, and what usually differentiates them from the MDGs, is the need to consider and emphasize the long-term sustainability of the global human development agenda. Read more

Stakeholder engagement entry points
Chantal Line Carpentier, Coordinator of Major Groups, UN DESA 

Preparations for and the Rio+20 Summit were conducted with the active participation of all major groups, as identified in Agenda 21, at all stages of the preparatory process. Read more

What happened to governance at the Summit and what can the future of governance look like?
Jan Gustav Strandenaes,Senior Governance Advisor, Stkaholeder Forum

IFSD – the Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development – and good governance came out of Rio strengthened. Whereas section IV of the Rio outcome document is the primary IFSD section with paragraphs 75 to 103 detailing governance issues, there are many references to governance elements interspersed throughout the document. Read more.

For more information on the event’s themes please visit the Background Papers






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