Commonwealth People’s Forum (CPF) and Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), November 2009, Port of Spain


Stakeholder Forum played a key role in facilitating civil society engagement in the run-up to the CPF and CHOGM in November 2009. Stakeholder Forum co-ordinated inputs from civil society, resulting in a civil society statement focussing on a number of key themes.

Stakeholder Forum worked with the Commonwealth Foundation to help facilitate the civil society engagement process for the CPF that took place ahead of the CHOGM in November 2009. Building on the outcomes and recommendations of the regional civil society consultation meetings that had taken place throughout the year, Stakeholder Forum produced a synthesis document for the Commonwealth Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting in London in October 2009. The synthesis document identified key themes and issues that served as the basis of a two-day discussion among civil society representatives, and the document was amended and enhanced to reflect those discussions.

The amended document was then presented to the Commonwealth People’s Forum in Port of Spain in November, where civil society representatives from all over the world had the chance to discuss the recommendations in the document and discuss any further changes or recommendations. This resulted in a final Civil Society Statement (LINK) being adopted at the end of the CPF, which was presented to the CHOGM.



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