Stakeholder Forum Announces Appointment of New Executive Director

The Board of Directors of Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future is pleased to announce the appointment of Farooq Ullah as the new, incoming Executive Director.

Ullah is currently the Head of Policy and Advocacy at Stakeholder Forum. He will take over from the outgoing Executive Director, Felix Dodds, on the 1st of September 2012. Dodds is stepping down after 20 years in the post. “I could not be more pleased with this appointment,” says

Philip Dobie, Chair of Stakeholder Forum’s Board of Directors. “Farooq has an extensive background and understanding of sustainable development and the issues facing the Earth and its people. He also has the vision and determination to take Stakeholder Forum into a new era.”

Dobie also praised outgoing Executive Director, “Felix’s tireless dedication as a champion of international sustainable development over the years has made Stakeholder Forum a leading organisation in the field.”Stakeholder Forum has been engaging with UN processes on sustainable development since 1987, and has been working towards the Rio+20 Earth Summit for a number of years. Ullah has been key in positioning Stakeholder Forum as a bridge between civil society and governments to ensure successful outcomes of Rio+20.Before joining Stakeholder Forum in September 2011, Ullah was at the UK’s
Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) for nearly five years.

Ullah worked on strategic assessment at the SDC; analysing public policy, sustainable operations and procurement, strategy, governance and decisionmaking in order to hold the UK Government to account and improve its sustainability performance. Key elements of this work included policy advice, stakeholder engagement and capability building. In all, Ullah has eight years of public sector experience at international, national and local government levels, as well as private sector consultancy experience.

Currently, Ullah is also Specialist Advisor to the UK Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee and a member of the Alliance for Future Generations. Additionally he is a founding member of Brighter Future; a
climate-change action group in London.

Ullah holds a BComm in Management Science from the University of Alberta and an MSc in Public Policy from the London School of Economics.

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