Outreach from UNFCCC COP-15 in Copenhagen


Issue 1

In our first issue, Robert F Kennedy Junior discusses the possibility of the USA superseding its ability to produce renewable energy technology; Richard Sherman, climate change analyst, outlines the possible scenarios for the two week conference; Guy Ryder, General Secretary of the ITUC sets out the Trade Unions priorities for the negotiations; and much more.


Issue 2

In today’s issue we hear from Global Witness who tackle the implications of the varying definitions of ‘sustainable forest management’ for the REDD initiative; Mike Muller of the Global Water Partnership questions who should be taking responsibility for the impacts of climate change; and the Indigenous Peoples Forum on Climate Change submit their thirteen point demands in relation to the UNFCCC. For this and much more just click here.


Issue 3

Are we experiencing cognitive dissonance on the part of the UNFCCC negotiators? Can we really mitigate and adapt to climate change if education is excluded from the text? Why is desertification such a considerable threat? Find out the answers to these questions and many more when you read today’s issue that generates articles from the UNCCD, the Climate Sustainability PLATFORM, the Global Water Partnership, Stakeholder Forum, CSD Education caucus and many more.


Issue 4

In this issue Christie Kneteman of Island First talks to Noah Idechong from Palau about climate change and the affects of sea rise on the island state. Richard Sherman dissects some procedural realities of the UNFCCC process. Emma Rose of the International Water Association discusses the water and energy nexus in relation to the urban environment. From the Trade Unions we have an article from the Argentinean Construction Workers Union on actions they are undertaking within their own Union. Read on.


Issue 5

In our 5th Issue, Zak Bleicher of UN-NGLS discusses climate justice as it relates to climate change. The Indigenous peoples write a searing article about the lack of human rights being reflected in the UNFCCC negotiations. Claire Hamer and Janine Passley of EI8HT report from the NICE launch. On the water and land side Sonja Koeppel from UNECE discuss trans-boundary water management. In our first Spanish article Raul Pierri of IPS/TerraViva discusses Bolivia’s statement that democracy is missing from the UNFCCC process. This and much more.

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