Water in Rio+20: Interview with Felix Dodds

Interview series on Water in Rio+20 by UN-Water Decade Programme on Advocacy and Communication

Q) UNW-DPAC: What are your expectations for water in Rio? What would you like to see, what do you expect to take out of Rio?

A) Felix Dodds: Rio is already a success it has redefined the MDG agenda to an SDG agenda which would not have happened without Rio. It will have 130 heads of state attending and so will ensure that sustainable development becomes part of their immediate policy horizons what is done with this is up to those who return and keep the pressure on.

In addition we know that UNEP and the SD Governance will be strengthened. There may be a set of targets agreed on water, energy and food security. Rio brought together the first meeting of finance Ministers at the World Bank with the heads of the IMF, UN and Bank and they will now trial Natural capital in 50 countries and meet every year.

Q) What are the commitments you are bringing to Rio?

A) We are organizing the What Happens on Monday conference which brings together the major commitments on oceans, water, jobs and cities a project with UNEP, UNDESA and UNITAR. This will set up task forces to report on commitments one year in and help create or build on knowledge platforms on the areas.

Q)Do you expect that there will be a decision in Rio+20 by heads of state tackling the most important issues related to water such as improved access to water, sanitation, elimination of malnutrition and hunger, the role of climate change and the importance of capacity building?

A) The text that comes out may have an SDG proposal on water or include the call for one which will be critical in the post 2015 discussion; it should also have one on food security.

Interview can be downloaded here

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