Have your Voice Heard at the CIF Partnership Forum (24-25 June)

At the upcoming Climate Investment Funds (CIF) Partnership Forum, to be held in Cape Town from 24-25 June 2011, Stakeholder Forum will be producing Outreach, a multi-stakeholder publication on climate change and sustainable development. Stakeholder Forum would like to invite you to contribute articles on various topics such as articles relevant to the purpose and objectives of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF): clean technology; deforestation and forest degradation; climate resilience; and renewable energy; or your experience with the CIF pilot programmes and other climate change/climate finance related issues.

Contributions should be between 650-750 words. You are welcome to include accompanying pictures (one high resolution and one low resolution) or alternatively the Outreach Editorial team will select pictures to match your contribution. Please email your full contribution to [email protected] Click here for further information.

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