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Compilation Document Submissions

BOND-DEG – UK NGO’S Joint Rio+20 Narrative

Humanity faces critical decisions. The scale of our current economic crisis will soon be overshadowed by the impending environmental crisis in both impacts and costs. Over the past 50 years our current global economic model has failed to deliver the sustainable society that we need. More.

Stakeholder Forum – Rio+20 Zero Draft Submission

The total population of the world has just passed seven billion and is continuing to increase. Everywhere people aspire to higher living standards and higher levels of consumption. There is growing concern about the capacity of the world’s natural resources to provide food, energy and other materials to sustain this growing demand. More.

Alliance for Future Generations Rio+20: Open Challenge Paper

The Alliance for Future Generations is a group of individuals and organisations who have agreed to work to ensure that long-termism and the needs of future generations are brought into the heart of UK democracy and policy processes, in order to safeguard the earth and secure intergenerational justice. More.

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Ice Coalition/Stakeholder Forum Conference report


Context Prior to the deadline for submissions into the final outcome document of the ‘Rio+20’ summit known as the ‘zero draft’, the ICE Coalition and Stakeholder Forum hosted an all day conference to provide an opportunity for different groups to discuss their proposals and seek support for them. More

Earth Blog: Why the message from Rio+20 matters more than ever by Paul Hohnen

George Bernard Shaw saw the world as divided into two sorts of people. Those who looked at it and asked “why?”, and those (like himself) who dreamed of things that never were and asked “why not?” More

David Cameron to miss Rio+20 earth summit for Jubilee

Prime Minister David Cameron will not be going to the Rio+20 Summit in Brazil next year despite his pledge to lead the “greenest ever government”. More

UK Environmental Audit Committee publishes report on preparations for Rio+20 

“The Prime Minister should promise to attend next year’s Rio + 20 Earth Summit to show leadership on sustainability and strengthen global political will to tackle the environmental crisis,” say MPs on the Commons Environmental Audit Committee in a report published on 26 October 2011. More

UNEP releases “Keeping Track of our Changing Environment: From Rio to Rio+20”

The United Nations Environment Programme today released a new compilation of statistical data tracking environmental changes that have swept the planet over the last twenty years in a report called “Keeping Track of our Changing Environment: From Rio to Rio+20”. More

UN Secretary General meets with NGOs and welcomes UN DPI NGO Declaration “Chairs Text”

On 26th October 2011 UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon issued a statement in which he welcomed the “Chair’s Text” from the 64th Annual UN DPI NGO Conference held in Bonn in September. More

Financiers search for sustainable future

Finance experts gathered in Washington, DC this week to decide how the sector can contribute to creating a stable and sustainable economy.The meeting, organised by the UN Environmental Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), was held in a conference centre across the road from where Occupy DC protesters were camped out, inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement. More

Conference urges reviewing Arab development patterns, creating sustainable development bodies

CAIRO: Officials and experts participating in a meeting of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) called for seizing the opportunity of political and social changes of the Arab Spring to review adopted patterns of development with a view to addressing sustainable development challenges in the Arab region. Participants agreed that failures in achieving development is mainly attributed to developed countries’ evasion of their obligations towards developing ones, as provided for in international conventions. More

Statement by Maurice F. Strong at Special United Nations General Assembly Event on Rio+20

The decisions and policies which determine our impacts on sustainability are primarily motivated by economic and financial considerations. The transcendent importance of the actions to be taken at Rio + 20 require that they be firmly rooted in our deepest moral and ethical principles. This is why I feel so strongly that Rio +20 must endorse and be grounded by the Earth Charter. The change of course called for at Rio in 1992 requires radical changes in our current economic system. More

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