How to Lobby at Intergovernmental Meetings


Stakeholder Forum has gathered its expertise into a helpful publication that helps to demystify UN processes for individuals and organisations who are looking to influence policy negotiations at an international level.

How to Lobby Intergovernmental Meetings

Based on over twenty years of experience in engaging with intergovernmental meetings and UN processes, Stakeholder Forum has gathered its experience, stories, advice and lessons learned into one publication.

This book is an essential guide for all stakeholders who seek to influence intergovernmental meetings – including NGO’s, companies, industry associations and professional groups, trade unions, government missions, UN and other intergovernmental staff.

Attending an intergovernmental meeting entails significant costs in terms of time and money, and it is critical that resources are spent effectively. Many organisations and individuals attend such meetings with an idea of the desired outcome, but with little understanding of how to best achieve that outcome. As a result, non-governmental actors often end up spending more time talking to each other than attempting to influence decision-makers.

This book provides a step-by-step guide on how to approach an intergovernmental meeting, how to establish relationships that will help you to achieve your objectives and how to keep a grip on what’s going on during the process. It is the essential first step to becoming an effective lobbyist.


  • Why Attend?
  • Evolving Stakeholder Involvement
  • Preparation and How to be Effective
  • Scenario Building and SWOT Analyses
  • Attendance and Participation Negotiations – Some Tips
  • Structuring Papers and Statements
  • Brackets, Terms, Jargon and Acronyms
  • The Media
  • Getting There
  • Maps, Addresses, Resources
  • UN Conferences and Commissions
  • Index

Price: £18.00

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