How to Lobby Training Day


In preparation for COP15 Stakeholder Forum conducted a ‘How to Lobby’ training day in the run up to COP15 in Copenhagen, focussing on lobbying techniques, communicating with the media, understanding Global Environmental Governance and engaging with governments.

Training Workshops

Stakeholder Forum’s most recent ‘How to Lobby’ Training workshop was held in November 2009, with a specific focus on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to help prepare stakeholders for the 15th Conference of Parties in Copenhagen (COP15). The event attracted over 20 participants from NGOs, UN agencies and the business sector, and received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

The workshop included training from individuals with a wide range of expertise – Felix Dodds, Executive Director of Stakeholder Forum outlined key developments in International Environmental and Sustainabel Development Governance over the past twenty years, providing an overview of the relevant policy-making processes within the UN. Hannah Stoddart, Policy Co-ordinator at Stakeholer Forum provided insights on the UNFCCC and the preparatory process for COP15, giving tips on how best to influence the negotiations. Linda Siegle of FIELD shared her experiences as an advisor to the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) at the climate change negotiations, and gave an analysis of the negotiatiosn so far. Sophie Ellhurst, journalist at the New Statesman and former Press Officer at Save the Children gave her perspective on how to generate media interest in activities around a UN meeting or Summit. Derek Osborn, former Director General of Environment at Defra, provided his insights on how best to interact with governments as a non-governmental stakeholder.

The training day generated lively discussion and debate, and was interspersed with role play activities, quizzes and group learning so that all those attended were able to get the most out of the information presented.

Stakeholder Forum runs quarterly training sessions on ‘How to Lobby’ – please contact Hannah Stoddart at Stakeholder Forum for more information, and browse the links on the right for more information on previous sessions.

Stakeholder Forum has also run a number of training workshops in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on ‘Negotiating and Implementing Multilateral Agreements’, building on its publication in this area.


“Even with some experience in international meetings the “How to Lobby” training day was a very good investment for me and the provided insight and tools in advocacy and planning of campaigns have been especially helpful in my work at FAO”  – Jasper Tenberg, Associate Professional Officer (Climate Change) FOMC – Forest Conservation Service (Food and Agriculture Organisation)





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