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Please navigate the links below to download the PowerPoint presentations that support the book Negotiating and Implementing MEAs: A Manual for NGOs.

What Influence do NGOs have on Drafting New Conventions? (PPT)

This power point deals is a short version of the following nine PowerPoints. This can be used for a 2-4 hour training session.

The next nine power points are for a 3-5 day workshop.

Sustainable Development Overview and History (PPT)

This PowerPoint discusses the history of sustainable development from the first UN Conference on Human Environment in 1972 in Stockholm to present day discussing both Rio and Johannesburg.

Understanding MEAs (PPT)

This PowerPoint deals with multilateral environmental agreements and how they are developed. It also discusses the different terms and their status in an agreement.

The Role of NGOs in MEA Negotiations (PPT)

This PowerPoint focuses on the role of NGOs in negotiations for a multilateral environment agreement. This is from both the developement of an idea for an MEA to negotiating within present MEAs.

National and Regional Preparations for MEA Meetings (PPT)

This PowerPoint looks at how stakeholders should prepare for MEA meetings at the national level and at the regional level utilizing UN Regional Commissions.

Networking (PPT)

This PowerPoint deals with how to set up and how to be involved in effective networking before and during MEA meetings.

Attending MEA Meetings Session 1 (PPT)

This presentation, along with the second PowerPoint on attending MEA meetings, provides advice on how different groups work with the UN Secretariat and terminology includes brackets.

Attending MEA Meetings Session 2 (PPT)

Communicating with the News Media at MEA Negotiations (PPT)

This PowerPoint deals with how to utilize the media, both at home and at the UN.

Implementing United Nations Decisions (PPT)

This PowerPoint looks at what role stakeholders have in implementing UN decisions.

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