INSIGHT_E Newsletter: Informing the European Commission and stakeholders on energy issues

Earlier this year, Stakeholder Forum and 11 European partners launched the INSIGHT_E project, which serves as an energy think tank for the European Commission. The multi-disciplinary think tank consists of experts from the energy sector, including top researchers, engineers, trade practitioners, and, economic, environmental and legal advisers. Together this team, provides high quality advice and impact assessments on key topics related to European based energy policy-making.

As a first communications output, the think tank has produced the below newsletter which provides more information about the project, a report on EU natural gas security and an overview of forthcoming activities:


Issue No. 1:July, 2014
INSIGHT_E is a multidisciplinary energy think-tank which provides the European Commission and other energy stakeholders with advice on policy options and assesses their potential impact.
The project brochure concisely explains INSIGHT_E’s three year programme of work, its partners, principles, thematic scope, outputs, and stakeholder engagement activities.
The aim of this paper is to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the EU energy security of supply, with a specific focus on the gas sector. In particular, the paper provides both a vulnerability assessment of the primary gas imports that could be affected by the continued conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and an overview of legislative tools that could be used to strengthen and diversify the EU’s gas supply.
Forthcoming Activities:
In the coming months, INSIGHT_E will deliver two Rapid Response Energy Briefs on the following topics:
  • Synergies in the integration of energy networks for electricity, gas and heating and cooling
  • Future design of electricity markets with a large share of renewable energy generation

In parallel, INSIGHT_E is also undertaking two large research programmes, respectively on:

  • How batteries can support the EU electricity network, and 
  • Investments in research development and innovation in renewable energy sources, storage, grid technologies and electric vehicles.
These research studies will lead to the publication of two policy reports at the end of 2014. If you would like to get involved in any of the aforementioned research studies please email [email protected]

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