Options for Strengthening the Environment Pillar of Sustainable Development: Compilation of Civil Society Proposals on the Institutional Framework for the United Nationals’ Environmental Activities (2007)

169_paper_final_versionCivil Society views on the GA Co-Chairs Options Paper on the informal consultation process on the Institutional Framework for UN Environmental Activities. Presented to the GA informal session in September 2007 for the partnership of Stakeholder Forum, FBOMS, ANPED and UN NGLS.

In June 2007 the co-chairs of the Informal Consultative Process on the Institutional Framework of the UN’s Environmental Activities released an ‘Options Paper detailing various proposals for UN reform.

In response to the Options Paper, Stakeholder Forum, the Brazilian Forum of NGOs and Social Movements for Environment and Development (FBOMS), the Northern Alliance for Sustainability (ANPED) and the UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UNNGLS) initiated a process to compile civil society views and opinions on the ‘Options Paper’, and on the issue of international environmental governance more generally. This compilation paper, released to coincide with the upcoming round of informal consultations in September 2007, represents the inputs from that process, as well as other relevant inputs made by civil society over the past years


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