Stakeholder Forum Report: Strengthening the Johannesburg Implementation Track


Considerations for Enhancing the Commission on Sustainable Development’s Multi-Year Programme of Work (2006)

A report from Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future with support from:

    Austria Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Environment
    Written by Richard Sherman, Jennifer Peer, Felix Dodds and Maria Figuera Küpcü

This report draws together the ideas and suggestions arising from Stakeholder Forum’s September workshop, subsequent discussions and the regional side-events.

It contains a detailed stock-taking of the CSD process since Johannesburg, including a review of the entire first cycle and an assessment of the recent second cycle Regional Implementation Meetings. It highlights how the organisationsal reforms adopted in 2003 were implemented during the first cycle of the new multi-year programme of work and identifies several innovative practices, as well as obstacles, challenges, and constraints that featured prominently throughout the cycle.

The results of this consolidated process are 19 specific considerations or recommendations to enhance and maximise the importance of CSD. The considerations focus on outlining an ideal two-year cycle, and identifying procedural areas where the work programme can be strengthened.

The report also includes a set of suggestions as to how the regional CSD-based processes could be enhanced. All the measures for enhancing the CSD are within the existing mandate and purpose of the CSD; none of them require new negotiations or structural changes to the Commission. Taken together, however, they could do a good deal to strengthen the CSD process and enable it to fulfil the Johannesburg mandate more adequately.

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