Podcasts recorded at the Climate Investment Funds 2010 Partnership Forum

On the 18-19th March the Asian Development Bank hosted the Climate Investment Fund (CIF) 2010 Partnership Forum in Manila, Philippines.  The meeting provided one of the first opportunities for stakeholders, including NGOs, Indigenous Peoples and the private sector, to inform the design of the CIF.

As well as supporting the CIF Administrative Unit in reaching out to NGOs in preparation for the Forum, Stakeholder Forum also produced a series of audio podcasts from the meeting.  Establishing a temporary radio studio on site, we set out to capture some of the debates, discussions and prominent themes emerging from the Forum. 

Our series of roundtable discussions tackled some of the emerging questions and concerns voiced by stakeholders related to the CIF design process: Given that climate change has been largely brought about by the actions of developed countries, is it appropriate that a significant portion of the funds available for developing countries are concessional loans rather than grants?  How are we going to ensure that the poorest sectors benefit from the new investment plans being generated and piloted?  How can renewable energy sectors be promoted in markets that are already dominated by fossil fuel providers?  How is the CIF going to support and protect the rights of the most marginalised populations in the face of powerful private sector interests?

To hear some very lively debates and responses just click here.

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