Priorities for ‘Energy Cycle’: Summary of the Possible Policy Approaches Identified in the Second Cycle Regional Implementation Meetings (2006)


A Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future Report by Richard Sherman with support from Austria Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of the Environment.

Written by Richard Sherman

In response to the challenges posed by the differentiated structures and nature of the various Regional Implementation Meetings (RIMs) outcomes, Stakeholder Forum developed this briefing paper with the aim of assisting the Commission, Member States, Major Groups and the Secretariat to build on the priorities identified in the regional discussions and ensure that they are captured in the transition from the Review to the Policy Year.

The analysis identified 84 obstacles, constraints and challenges, and 148 possible policy approaches across four thematic areas. Almost half of the policy approaches relate to the theme of energy for development, climate change and atmosphere/air pollution. Regarding cross-cutting issues, policy options focused primarily on measures related to Sustainable Consumption and Production and Means of Implementation.

This briefing paper presents a cross-section of the main policy approaches identified by the RIMs.

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