SDGs e-Inventory now also available in French and Spanish

The Sustainable Development Goals e-Inventory is now also available in two additional languages, French and Spanish. The multi-language feature enables users to both search for and submit proposals for a post-2015 global goals framework in either English, French or Spanish, thereby increasing the number of stakeholders able to use the tool.

The e-Inventory aims to help stakeholders, governments and intergovernmental organisations, become better informed about the wide range of proposals, expectations and evidence-based arguments on SDGs and other global goals for being proposed for the post-2015 sustainable development framework. The interactive tool allows stakeholders to update their submissions and provide feedback/comment on other proposals as the discussions on the post-2015 and the SDGs develop.

The e-Inventory also provides capacity building resources to help stakeholders fill knowledge gaps around the intergovernmental process, develop their own proposals, build alliances, and develop advocacy strategies. It also provides stakeholders with the data to undertake analysis to identify trends, commonalities and knowledge/evidence gaps. Stakeholder Forum will also use this information to conduct and disseminate regular analysis to inform the intergovernmental process on SDGs.
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