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News 8 23rd February 2011

Climate Investment Fund Update

In the past weeks, the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) Administrative Unit has been in close consultation with the African Development Bank, the host partner of the Forum, on the logistical arrangements for the CIF Partnership Forum 2011. Despite continuous improvements in the situation in Tunisia, the security outlook remains uncertain, thereby hindering our ability to finalize arrangements. The CIF Administrative Unit has consequently agreed that it would be prudent to consider alternative dates and venues, and to postpone the meetings scheduled to take place in Tunis from March 14-18, 2011. .. More

sdg2012 programme launches four new think-pieces on sustainable development governance

Stakeholder Forum has launched four new papers as part of its programme on sustainable development governance towards Rio+20 – SDG2012. The papers are authored by eminent experts in global governance for sustainable development… More

Stakeholder Forum presentation at UNEP Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum

On 19th February, Executive Director of Stakeholder Forum, Felix Dodds, gave a presentation to a wide range of Major Groups’ representatives on the expectations from Rio+20 and what actions are still required to secure a positive outcome at the Summit, at the UNEP Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum… More

World Resources Institute calls for submissions to the World Resources Report

The World Resources Report (WRR) is looking for contributions from developing country practitioners and officials, working in sectors at the forefront of climate impacts. The next World Resources Report, WRR 2010: ‘Decision Making in a Changing Climate’ will focus on the challenges faced by decision makers having to respond to the demands of climate change impacts: surprise, variability; time lags and uncertainty. The deadline is Februray 28th 2011… More

Stakeholder Forum is moving up in the world!

We will now be found at the top of the building at 3 Bloomsbury place instead of at the bottom as we move offices to slightly larger premises.

Stakeholder Forum publishes synthesis of civil society inputs to Rio+20

Stakeholder Forum has produced a synthesis of Major Groups’ inputs into the Secretary General’s report for the UNCSD ‘Rio+20’ Conference. The Major Groups are the 9 groups of civil society as identified by Agenda 21. The synthesis document identifies some of the main recommendations emerging from the Major Groups submissions… More

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