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Zero Draft Discussions
1 25th January 2012

Our Rio+20 Vision

The Zero Draft of the Outcome Document represents a strong starting point for effective and successful negotiations. The UN Secretariat has synthesised an honest and fair record of the conversations to date. But there remains much to play for, writes Farooq Ullah, Stakeholder Forum More


A Milestone Birthday for Planet Earth

Milestone birthdays are opportunities to take stock of our family, health and financial situation. So how is Planet Earth doing 20 years after the historic UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro? The planet’s economic output has more than doubled since 1992, writes Peter Bosshard, International RiversMore


Ecocide: a law for sustainable development

Rio+20 is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create targets for sustainable development. I applaud the aspirations of Sustainable Development Goals, they are our starting point. To make these aspirations a reality, international law that places people and planet first is necessary to establish a level playing field for everyone around the world, writes Polly HigginsMore


Ombudspersons for Future Generations: addressing the growing burdens for those who follow us

Humanity and the environment faced the same problems last year, the year before that and the years before that… and they are growing exponentially. Rio+20 deliberations are running the risk of approaching the problems we face in the very same way that they have been caused. By considering each issue in isolation, without giving deeper attention to how they are interlinked or how the solutions can be mutually beneficial, we could further exacerbate this perfect storm of financial, environmental and fuel crises, writes Catherine Pearce, World Future CouncilMore


The sustainable urban future at Rio

If Rio+20 is to be a worthwhile multilateral conference, justifying the enormous financial and human resources invested in it, Heads of States and Governments have to be personally involved in jointly deciding upon and presenting concrete actions. The world needs more than just another declaration, writes Susanne Salz, ICLEI More

Towards Rio+20: how can big companies show leadership?

The Rio process is unique within the UN system, in its provision of space – even if limited – for ‘civil society’. The composition of the nine Major Groups, however, has always caused debate, writes Kaarin Taipale, Ph.DMore

Food security and agriculture – the missing part of the picture

It’s been very clear – from the submissions to the Rio+20 compilation document, the statements at Rio+20 preparatory meetings, and in numerous research papers – that food security and sustainable agriculture need serious attention at the Rio+20 Conference in June. A commitment to resilient and equitable food system must be the goal, writes Vicki Hird, WSPAMore

The Zero Draft, poverty and water: reflections

‘The critical importance of water resources for sustainable development’ is marked out in the Zero Draft as a cross-sectoral priority challenge, second only to food security. The task for negotiators will be to maintain and develop this encouraging language as negotiations gather momentum. But how? asks Dr. Daniel Hale, ProgressioMore

Water and the Zero Draft: Not quite there yet

Water will be a central component of the Rio discussions due to its role in the green economy. A strong unified front from the water community is needed to guarantee that the agreements made at Rio produce positive and lasting results for water resources, writes Olimar Maisonet-Guzman, Rio+20 SustainUs DelegationMore

Quote of the day

The lessons that we are learning from the series of national dialogues is that the goal of a green economy is sustainabile development

Emily Benson, Green Economy Coalition

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About ten years ago, I read a book called Dead Heat: Global Justice and Global Warming by Tom Athanasiou and Paul Baer. It’s a short accessible summary of the science of climate change, and the scale of the challenge. I defy anyone to read it and not feel the urgent need to do something about climate change.

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