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 1 March, 2013
UNEP Governing Council

Hundreds of environment ministers, decision makers, scientists, civil society representatives and business leaders came together for the first universal session of the UNEP Governing Council. The purpose of the Governing Council was to review important and emerging policy issues in the field of the environment and to start implementing the agreements reached at the Rio+20 Conference.
Report: Building a new governance model for environmental sustainability
In light of the first universal session of the UNEP Governing Council , Stakeholder Forum invited Jorge Laguna Celis to produce a report outlining UNEP’s new governance architecture. Read More…
Briefing Note: Building the architecture of the UN high-level political forum (HLPF)
Governments agreed at Rio+20 to establish a high level-political forum (HLPF) as the institution for sustainable development within the UN. The ultimate position within the UN hierarchy, mandate and responsibilities will signal to the world the importance given to sustainable development in global politics.  Read More…
Report: The governance of scaling up successful National Councils for Sustainable Development practices The Global Network of National Councils for Sustainable Development (NCSDs) has produced a report looking at different factors which affect the transferability of sustainable development practices from one place to another. Read More…
Stakeholder Engagement for Good Governance
“Good governance is fundamental to sustainable development. We must actively promote effective, participative systems of governance at all levels of society – engaging people’s creativity, energy and diversity.
Issues such as a lack of participation, transparency and access to information & justice, compounded by corruption, results in a lack of accountability. The post-2015 development agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), both of which are currently being developed, must address these core issues if we are to achieve sustainability.
Good governance also means that both governments and companies must go beyond rhetoric and lead by example. For both sectors this includes producing clear sustainable development strategies and plans, developing & implementing appropriate reporting systems to monitor progress and delivering sustainable operations & procurement. It is the job of civil society and stakeholders to hold the public and private sectors to account.
Ultimately, the aim of governance must be to ensure more effective, informed and participatory decisions which lead to improved sustainability performance and outcomes.”
-Farooq Ullah, Executive Director, Stakeholder Forum
Report: Exploring civil society perspectives on sustainability reporting and sustainability reporting policies
  By Stakeholder Forum
As the governments of the ‘Group of Friends of Paragraph 47’ prepare to develop a roadmap to identify best practices on sustainability reporting policies, Stakeholder Forum‘s report explores the role of civil society organisations in this agenda and some of the perspectives around corporate reporting and corporate reporting policies.
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