The coming CSD 14 and 15: Climate, atmosphere, energy and industry – a dire need for a strong and insightful civil society voice. Or An Opportunity Not To Be Wasted

paper-4In September 2005, Stakeholder Forum hosted a workshop in New York to discuss the Comission on Sustainable Development (CSD) process and to develop recommendations on how the CSD could be strengthened in its ability to deliver concrete outcomes on the key issues of Sustainable Development.

Through the CSD, all stakeholders have a unique opportunity to create global public awareness and negotiated results on poignant themes that lie at the core of the sustainability debate. The cluster issues of the coming CSD two year cycle concern us in ways that are directly linked to our everyday life and well being: Climate Change and Atmospheric Pollution; Energy for Sustainable Development and Industrial Development. The purpose of this document by Jan Gustav Strandenaes then is to highlight opportunities for stakeholder involvement in a process, which will start now, and result in strong factual and political input into the final CSD session in late April 2007.


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