A conversation with Maurice Strong on his 85th Birthday

“Maurice’s work for the environment and sustainable development was always inspired by a profound sense of the deep-rooted interconnection between the natural and human world and the need to include both in our fundamental values and principles.” Derek Osborn, President, Stakeholder Forum

For more than half a century Maurice Strong, as much as anyone on the planet, has been the torchbearer for the cause of sustainable development – as visionary, humanist, teacher, businessman and diplomat, as well as a global thought and action leader.

His crowning achievement was to curate and manage the 1992 Rio Earth Summit which brought together more than 100 Heads of State to forge a landmark Agenda 21 based consensus, which changed the course of our planet and its people towards a better and brighter future. This in addition to being Secretary General to the first UN Conference on Environment in 1972 and the first Executive Director of UNEP.

This video was created by Barbara Pyle and Frank Melli to show the measure of the man and the enduring, game-changing nature of his thinking, action and teaching.

It has been released for his 85th birthday on April 29th with the support of Felix Dodds and Geoffrey Lipman on the launch of the Maurice Strong University Network, which will seek to carry his ideas to a global audience through the medium of Travel & Tourism, which he has always recognized as a force for positive change.
Geoffrey Lipman, Felix Dodds, Barbara Pyle, Frank Melli
Toronto Canada April 29th 2014
Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbV809xQP0M&feature=youtu.be


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