Millenium Booklets


Getting Health in a Hand-basket: Issue 4

This issue was produced in memory of Warren ‘Chip’ Lindner who was integral to the work of the Brundtland Commission, was founder of the Centre for our Common Future and coordinated the NGO Forum running parallel to the official negotiations of the Earth Summit in 1992. It examines the emergence of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and the interrelationship of health and economic development.


The Road from Rio to Johannesburg: Issue 5

Edited by Ashok Khosla this issue undertakes a wide ranging analysis of the current state of affairs across the sustainable development agenda. To what extent have attempts to alleviate poverty succeeded? What has been the experience at the grassroots level of policy interventions? What is new on the international environment and development agenda? And what needs to happen if we are to move forward?


Are Educators Ready for the Next Earth Summit?: Issue 6

John Smyth gives a comprehensive view of how the issues surrounding the education community have developed and outlines the areas still needing attention, as well as offering constructive criticism of action so far. He looks at the stakeholders within the process, suggesting a holistic approach where we can learn from other people’s examples, and places the responsibility for this on the wider education community.

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