Stakeholder Forum chairs meeting on Green Economy Principles

8th – 9th Jan 2011: Stakeholder Forum co-chaired a sustainability think-tank workshop that took place from 8th – 9th January in New York, prior to the first intercessional for Rio+20. The meeting was hosted jointly by ANPED, World Future Council, ALOE, Stakeholder Forum and the new economics foundation.

The objective of the workshop was to identify the principles that must underpin the transition to the green economy, in addition to outlining necessary policy levers to advance a green and equitable economy. The Principles that were agreed by all participants at the meeting can be downloaded here.

Stakeholder Forum will build on the principles to take forward its ‘Global Transition 2012’ initiative with the new economics foundation. Global Transition 2012 will work with a diverse range of stakeholders globally to commission and publish challenging and provocative think pieces that make innovative recommendations on how to make the global transition to a green economy. The initiative will seek to bridge divides between different stakeholder groups through identifying synergies and, where there is divergence, bringing together stakeholders to identify common ground. Global Transition 2012 will then build a multi-stakeholder campaign towards Rio+20 that advances a vision for the future with wide-ranging support across stakeholder groups.

For more information on the Global Transition 2012, please click here and to indicate an interest in getting involved, please email Hannah Stoddart, Head of Policy and Advocacy at Stakeholder Forum.

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