Trade Union Congress Climate Change Conference

Stakeholder Forum was very happy to take part in the TUC Climate Change Conference on 6th July 2011. Hannah Stoddart, Head of Policy and Advocacy, represented Stakeholder Forum on the panel at the Green Futures Roundtable, which focused on Global Challenges and a World Vision for the UK.

The Roundtable was also addressed by Judith Kirton-Darling, Confederal Secretary of the ETUC, and Luciana Berger MP, Shadow Minister for Energy & Climate Change, who was taking note of the discussions to also feed into Labour’s policy review.

Hannah focused on the opportunities presented by the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012 to address many of the urgent and interconnected global challenges of the 21st century. She talked about the role of Rio+20 in providing a space for a broader, more integrated and ultimately more visionary discussion on sustainable development, and stressed the importance of the Conference resulting in a set of Global Sustainable Development Goals (GSDGs). Her full presentation can be downloaded here.

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