United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Stakeholder Engagement Review


Following the Copenhagen climate change conference (COP-15), the UNFCCC requested Stakeholder Forum to undertake a review of the quality of stakeholder participation in UNFCCC meetings.

COP-15 saw the largest number of participants in the history of climate change meetings and engaged the largest number of high level government officials as active participants. It also hosted the highest number of side events, exhibits, demonstrations and displays of any UNFCCC meeting.

The review conduced by Stakeholder forum assessed some of the key channels by which stakeholders engage in UNFCCC meetings including side events, exhibits, and media stunts. It also reflected on long term strategies for how to improve and maintain the interface between decision makers and civil society organisations in the climate change negotiations.

The initial findings for the research will be presented at the UNFCCC Bonn session in June.


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