Earth Summit 2012(a)


Stakeholder Forum has played a critical role in advocating for an Earth Summit in 2012, which has now been approved by the UN General Assembly. Stakeholder Forum will continue to play a key co-ordinating role in the run-up to this crucial policy event.

Earth Summit 2012 will be hosted by Brazil. The key themes are:

  • Green Economy – in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication
  • Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development – including Global Environmental Governance
  • Emerging Issues – critical issues that should be incorporated into the sustainable development agenda
  • Review of existing commitments – looking at the progress made over the past twenty years.

Stakeholder Forum played a critical role in generating support for an Earth Summit in 2012, organising a series formal and informal meetings, multi-stakeholder and governmental workshops to provide a space for discussion and exchange on the possible focus of an Earth Summit. Stakeholder Forum’s original multi-stakeholder workshop on Earth Summit 2012, held in San Sebastian, resulted in the Donostia Declaration which outlined the case for a Summit as well as providing recommendations of focus areas.

More information on Stakeholder Forum’s activities, as well as other milestone developments in the path towards an Earth Summit are available at This website is updated regularly with news and will provide the online home for civil society and stakeholder engagement with the Summit. Stakeholder Forum will be playing a key co-ordinating and facilitating role in the run-up to Earth Summit 2012, and will provide more information on upcoming activities through the website.


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