February Newsletter: Helping stakeholders shape new global goals for humanity’s future

 11 February 2014
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SD2015: Helping stakeholders shape new global goals for humanity’s future

“With our partners, Stakeholder Forum is excited to launch the SD2015 programme. It is an innovative initiative to help stakeholders engage in the post-2015 development agenda process through the co-design of cutting edge tools, resources and guidance which will empower stakeholders and further enable the input of meaningful expertise.
As post-2015 seeks to establish new global goals which will put the world on a course towards sustainable development and poverty eradication, we must all work together in an open and transparent matter to seize this historic opportunity and draw on the best solutions humanity has to offer.”
Farooq Ullah, Executive Director, Stakeholder Forum
The two year SD2015 programme will provide tools and opportunities for all stakeholders to participate in the global deliberations on and around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the wider post-2015 development agenda, through the following five focus areas: Raise Awareness; Increase Engagement; Empower Stakeholders; Coordinate Advocacy; and Strengthen Governance
To inform the deliberations of the 8th session of the UN General Assembly Open Working Group (OWG) on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Stakeholder Forum produced an analysis of the proposals housed within the SDGs e-Inventory related to the thematic areas of the meeting.
Last week, the Open Working Group (OWG) on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) concluded the stocktaking phase of its work. The OWG will now transition into its output phase, where it will produce its final report containing a proposal for the SDGs to be considered by Member States during the 69th General Assembly.  

Stakeholder Forum, as facilitators of the Global Network of National Councils for Sustainable Development (NCSDs) and Similar Bodies is supporting SDplanNet, which is sponsored by GIZ on behalf of BMF, in the convening of a series of regional workshops in Latin America & the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, and Africa. The workshops will explore innovative sustainable development practices for transformative strategy-making, planning and implementation at the national and sub-national levels.

Stakeholder Forum invites applications for the Future Earth Engagement Committee, which is a strategic advisory group whose primary purpose is to foster in-depth and innovative interactions between science and society to address global environmental change and transform towards global sustainability.
Author and former Executive Director of Stakeholder Forum, Felix Dodds has released his much anticipated book “From Rio+20 to a New Development Agenda: Building a Bridge to a Sustainable Future”. 
Recent Activities
Launch of the European Commission’s Energy Think Tank: Insight_E

Stakeholder Forum and 11 European partners have launched the Insight_E project, which will serve as the European Commission’s energy think tank. It is the aim of the project to establish a multidisciplinary think tank consisting of experts from the energy sector, top researchers, engineers, leading trade, economic, environmental, and legal experts who are experienced in delivering high quality policy advice and impact assessments.
The second instalment of Stakeholder Forum’s e-learning course (run in partnership with CIFAL Scotland and UNITAR) on the fundamentals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has concluded. Participants from around the world received a comprehensive insight into the latest advancements being made in processes to design a post-2015 sustainable development framework, as well as an overview of the key elements of the SDGs and measurement with targets and indicators.


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