May Newsletter: Engagement in post-Rio+20 and post-2015 processes


 20 May, 2013
Stakeholder Engagement in post-Rio+20 and post-2015 processes

Participatory democracy is the idea that involving all stakeholders, at every level, will result in better informed, and more thoroughly deliberated, decisions being taken. It means that all stakeholders will thereby take greater ownership of the outcome and then be active in the delivery of policy on the ground, optimally in partnership with governments and other stakeholders.
Broadly, any modalities of stakeholder engagement should fulfil three functions:
1) participation and expression,
2) expert input and decision shaping and
3) review and accountability.
Farooq Ullah, Executive Director, Stakeholder Forum
Derek Osborn, President of Stakeholder Forum, looks at the role of the United Nations in advancing sustainable development. In particular, the article in Environment Magazine summarises the outcomes of key UN conferences, while highlighting the need for policies to be implemented at a national, local and sectoral level. 
As administrators of the Global Network of National Councils for Sustainable Development (NCSDs), Stakeholder Forum will be engaging Councils from across the world at the European Environmental and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils (EEAC) Working Group meeting in Berlin from the 23-24 May, as well as in the preparation of a briefing paper exploring the work of a number of NCSDs from regions outside of Europe.

On 17 April, Stakeholder Forum in partnership with the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and Business Fights Poverty held an event to look at how the private sector is engaging with the current Post 2015 Development Agenda and sustainable development goals process.
Sustainable Development 2015 Blog
As discussions to develop a set ofsustainable development goals (SDGs) build momentum, attention is starting to shift towards not only what the world should try to achieve, but also how to go about it. This in large part means starting to think about where the money for the proposed transformative action is going to come from.
Amy Cutter, Project Officer at Stakeholder Forum, provides an overview of the intergovernmental process tasked with proposing options for the mobilisation of resources to support countries in their efforts to promote sustainable development, including the achievement of SDGs.
 Additional Resources
Last month, representatives from the Major Groups and other stakeholders that are engaged with post Rio+20 and Post 2015 processes came together to identify areas of mutual advocacy, create joint strategies and formulate proposals for enhanced stakeholder engagement.
View and submit proposals for global goals to feed into the intergovernmental process on SDGs.
Timeline of the SDGs e-Inventory project outputs, which have been planned to correspond with the meetings of the UN General Assembly Open Working Group on SDGs.
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